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Comic-Con Killer

Rookie cop Selma Cibolo passed the detective examination in record time. Assigned to the Homicide Division, she is forced to deal with age, gender, and resistance issues. Soon after her arrival, the police find a body in a dumpster behind the San Antonio Convention Center. Before the coroner can identify the body, Selma recognizes the cosplay character named Evie Frye. Old-school Detective Thorn Nix is only concerned with "real world" facts and has no intention of "chasing Batman down a rabbit hole!" On her own, Selma finds another victim killed during the previous annual comic-con. Selma identifies that victim as also being dressed as Evie Frye.

This discovery is still not enough to convince Nix. He formally orders Selma to stop wasting time on "such nonsense, and stick to the facts." Acting on a hunch, against orders, Selma calls a former schoolmate who is working in the Denver PD, where comic-con was just concluded. Yes, there was a murder during the event. Looking at the faxed crime scene photos, Selma identifies the Colorado victim as Evie Frye.

Someone keeps killing Evie Frye, but who and why?


After a successful career as a songwriter and a poet, Ernie turned to writing fiction. His love of telling stories was a natural for a writer.

His first fiction suspense thriller (AQUASAURUS) was greeted with huge success, winning accolades from the Texas Authors Association as the 2017 Suspense Novel of the Year! Taking his award-winning novel to the 2016 and 2017 San Antonio Comic Con, Ernie was greeted with readers from the year before eagerly anticipating the sequel, The Search for  Aquasaurus which was published in April 2019, and won the 2019 Book Excellence Finalist Award. 

Ernie's second novel was unveiled in the summer of 2017, and is entitled HIM! Based on a true string of murders that occurred in Austin, Texas in 1885, and in London in 1889 (Yes, Jack the Ripper), Ernie links a suspect in both cases in a compelling suspense story sure to thrill.

Ernie continues to travel to book shows around the Texas area. His favorite activity is going to the schools. He is a frequent visitor to Baranoff Elementary in Austin and has attended the Giddings Word Wrangler Book festival and the Uvalde Progresso Memorial Library. Ernie is frequent contributor at local poetry nights. 

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Ernie Lee loves to visit schools, libraries, poetry meetings, storytelling nights, open mikes, and fook festivals. You can contact Ernie below:
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El Progresso Memorial Library
Uvalde, Texas


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