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The act of writing in itself is a form of giving. Think of the pleasure we have received from all of the wonderful writers over the years. Think of the things you have learned, and the interesting characters you have met, and the movies and televisions shows we have enjoyed. All of those were once only in the imagination of a writer somewhere, who shared those things with us.

Author's are also some of the most generous people. Stephen King gives through the STK Foundation, and Michelle and David Baldacci give back through the Wish You Well Foundation. There are dozens of others. Thousands of dollars are distributed through these foundations to support literacy and writing.

The Writing+is+Giving campaign is my way of sharing. I probably won't be able to match those generous efforts, but I am committed to doing something special in the coming year.

Aquasaurus has been designated to Cancer Fighters because they know about hope. If you, or someone you know is a Cancer Fighter, you can nominate them to receive a free copy of the book.

This program is made possible by the sale of books. No donations are solicited or desired. If you desire to participate, please purchase or recommend the book to others. No purchase is necessary to nominate a recipient. Sign up on the home page, and send me a message giving the recipients name, e-mail address, a little background so I can send a personal message, and the preferred format (i.e. .pdf, Kendle, e-Pub, etc).


Ernie                                                Aim-Hi Publishing, LLC


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