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The Poet

Ernie Lee

The Bard of the Blanco

Ernie Lee is a Texas award winning poet known as the Bard of the Blanco.  He lives and writes in the scenic Texas hill country. Many of his poems describe hill country scenes. His poems also tell the stories of his travels around the world. As a twenty-two year veteran, Ernie has written several pieces from the Viet Nam era. Ernie is a cancer survivor who also writes about facing destiny.  His versatile style of poetry ranges from serious and philosophical to rollicking good humor. Ernie’s poetry reflects his love of life, interesting places he has been, and people of all backgrounds.

He resides in Canyon Lake, Texas, with his wife, Donna. He is semi-retired and enjoys presenting at schools, poetry festivals, and various events. Ernie began at an early age as a song writer, with some success. His songs are registered with BMI®. He is the producer of the “Indie Country Road Show” which can be downloaded from I-Tunes. His music can be heard on a website In addition, he has written technical and academic text books for the University of Texas (Austin) and UT San Antonio. He has published a dozen professional training workbooks and training materials for professional public procurement officers.

Ernie writes creative short fiction, creative non-fiction, and a lot of poetry. He won two awards from the New Braunfels Arts Council for poetry in 2000 and 2014. He is the 2014 holder of Lynne Eliot Award for Poetry. His work has appeared in print many times.

He is a member of the Academy of American Poets, Austin Poets International, Hill Country Poets, Poetry Society of Texas, and the San Antonio Poets Association, and several others. Ernie currently writes a continuing column for the Hill Country Sun called The Bard of the Blanco.


Bard of the Blanco  -- Poems of the Hill Country. 
The Mesquite Bean War - The Tonkawa tribe is pushed southeast from the plains by the Comanche and crushed between the Mexicans from the south and the encroaching whites from the east.
Far-Flung Trails -- Poems from places and people far away.
Deep Water Runs Still -- A bit of philosophy from a south Texas country boy.
Life is Funny that Way -- There is a bit of humor in everything if you can bear it
Love and Other Illusions -- Love stories real and imagined
Special Forces   -- Rhymes of a soldier boy
The True-badour -- Songs and ditties
Heroes and Outlaws -- Sometimes both in the same
Let Me Count the Ways -- Tender thoughts from a tough old bird
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