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The Bard of the Blanco - Poems of the Texas Hill Country

The Mesquite Bean War - The Tonkawa tribe  is  pushed southeast from the plains by the Comanche, and crushed between Mexico tothe south and the encroaching whites from the east.

Far Flung Tales - Poems from places  and people far away.

Deep Water Runs Still - A bit of philosophy from a south Texas country boy.

Life is Funny That Way - There is a bit of humor in almost everything if you can bear it.

Love and Other Illusions - Love stories, real and imagined.

Special Forces - Rhymes of a soldier boy.

The True-badour - Songs and ditties.

Heroes and Outlaws - Sometimes both in the same person.

Let Me Count the Ways - Tender thoughts from a tough old bird.

Where the Wild Rice Grows,eBook

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