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Short Synopsis:                                 
Rules are set in stone – that is until someone shatters that rock and all hell breaks loose.
A determined oil driller uses an illegal fracking method, causing a devastating earthquake and fire, which destroys much of San Antonio. Cave explorers, Jesse and Jake, are trapped in the dark with a monster crocodile, long thought to be extinct – Aquasaurus – a forty-foot, 8-ton descendent of Carnufex – “The Butcher”. World-class rock climber, Rita, must overcome her lifelong fear of darkness to rescue her boyfriend Jesse. A state senator must juggle her fear losing a child, with the greater need of thousands of disaster survivors. A businessman must deal with the fear of losing a business his dying father spent a lifetime building.                                         Why is Rita afraid of the dark? What happens when Aquasaurus escapes from the cave system and runs loose among disaster survivors? What will happen if the dangerous crocodile escapes into the Gulf of Mexico?                                                                                                              Fear can cause people to react in unpredictable ways. Fear can distort judgment, and cause likeable people to commit irrational acts. Fear can masquerade as bravado. Fear can paralyze. Fear can provide a cover for the truth. The problem with fear … is we think fear is the problem. Everyone has a fear of something. What are you afraid of?


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