In 1885 Austin, Texas a cold-blooded murderer roamed the night streets. He was dubbed "The Servant Girl Anhilator" by the writer O'Henry. One of the many suspects was a Malaysian cook named Maurice who worked at the Pearl House on Pecan St. Maurice was a person of interest to the police, but before he could be captured and interrogated he disappeared - some said he went back to sea. With Maurice gone, the murders stopped.

In 1888 the famous Jack the Ripper murders began. Of the more than 100 suspects, one was of particular interest. He was a Malaysian cook -- named Maurice.

This is Maurice's story, told from his view point. Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, Maurice is innocent. But he knows who the killer is -- a life-long companion and friend. How far will Maurice go to stop the killing?

HIM (Hard cover)

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