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Ernie's hat is an original Tilley T3 Endurable in khaki, purchased in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1999 and signed by the originator Alex Tilley. For almost twenty years this hat has accompanied Ernie around the world: from mountains to deserts; jungles to tundra; and from rivers to the seven seas. It is the perfect hat for all environments - from oasis to volcanoes. Now you can have a Tilley T3, just like Ernie's - it won't be signed by Mr. Tilley though. But you can get it signed by the renowned author Ernie Lee. A limted edition of 1,000 hats will be sold, autographed and numbered. The Aim-Hi Books imprint will also be concealed inthe secret compartment. PUT YOUR HEAD UNDER A TILLEY AND THE ADVENTURE BEGINS! 

Ernie's Hat

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  • If received damaged or defective, full refund and postage will be provided to buyer upon return of item. If not damaged or defective, full refund is available for any reason upon postage paid return to seller so long as product is in saleable condition.

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