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Ernie Lee, the author of the horror thriller Aquasaurus, is a very skillful narrator with an uncanny ability to recreate scenes of terror and destruction,. His description of the destruction of San Antonio and its surrounding areas by a gigantic earthquake is superb and produced a tremendous impact on this reader. I felt I was roaming around the ruins of the River Walk! I was also fascinated by the ease with which he mingled moments of adventure, terror, suspense, and tenderness in the plot of Aquasaurus. In truth, I found Mr. Lee to be a most engaging novelist.I love the fact that the action of his novel takes place in a wide area: from the Mexican Border to Austin. I confess that what immediately hooked me to his work was the fact that the action develops in sites that are known to me. Also, I come from a family of South Texas oil-field workers, so I can relate very strongly to his plot. His characters are very well developed and his knowledge of reptilians (especially the horrific Aquasaurus), fracking, rock climbing, and spelunking, and even his sprinkling of Tex-Med dialect in parts of the novel are fascinating. I feel lucky to have discovered this author and I am looking forward to the sequel. Gracias, Ernie for such an entertaining work of fiction and count me among your fans! I give you five shining stars. Amazon Review: July 31, 2017, Reviewer: Is It Really Bad 
"A good read of the prehistoric monster genre." Nashville Flyer on Amazon, June 10, 2016, Amazon verified purchase
"If you love disaster movies (and books) you're going to enjoy Aquasaurus." Gretchen Rix on Amazon, April 25, 2017.
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"Five Stars! A great writer and a great book!" Amazon Customer on Amazon, February 10, 2017, Amazon verified purchaser
"The problem with fear is ... Ernie Lee has a way with words. A way that draws you in and intrigues you, until you can't put his book down." Lynnibo on Amazon, May 25, 2016.
"I found myself racing through the story, worrying about what would happen to each character. Story is written with such descriptive detail you can see it, hear it, and feel it." Janice Murphy on Amazon, June 2, 2017.
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