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By: Ernie Lee

Aim-Hi Publishing, LLC                              

ISBN: 978-0-9971284-0-6

Aquasaurus takes place across parts of Texas that are beautiful, rich in history, endearing, and often dangerous. The drive to strike it rich causes an oil driller to try an illegal fracking method, which sets off a chain reaction that devastates San Antonio and traps some young spelunkers in an extensive cave system in Central Texas. A monster crocodile 40-feet long and up to 8-tons, thought to be a descendent of the extinct Carnufex known as “The Butcher,” escapes from his underground prison in the cavernous caves with disaster survivors available to stalk and kill. Jesse and Jake are trapped but college friends, Katie and Rita, commit to find and rescue them after the earthquake. The search for them is seriously scary, and so believable you’ll look up the last earthquake in San Antonio, I promise. This Action Thriller Fiction will grab you for the entire ride, just to find out the fate of everyone and everything.

What was very impressive in this story were the pictures that Author, Ernie Lee painted with his words. All of my senses became engrossed in this story, right from the start. For example, you get the first glimpse of the monster from this passage. “Exploding from the murky water, the predator’s crocodilian maw, gaping wide, engulfs the cloud of surprised bats. The jaws snare a huge segment of the moving cloud, fifteen feet wide, which disappears inside the creature’s massive mouth. Splashing back into the water the massive animal twists and turns, and churns the water, devouring hundreds of bats in huge snaps and chomps. The sounds of water roiling, wings flapping, and bones crunching fill the cavern.” The descriptions of the locations like Enchanted Rock, the Texas Hill Country, and the Texas oil business pulls you in and keeps you reading. 

I loved the characters, Katie and Rita, who are strong females forced to overcome their deep-seated fears to locate their friends, Jake and Jesse. The strength of these young folk causes them to grow up fast as well as realize the value of teamwork and friendships as they search for solutions. Katie’s father, Clint Marshall, is so desperate to reach the oil that he uses a faster but far more dangerous method to attempt to crack the granite dome blocking him from success. His actions and the results did not disappoint me.

Ernie Lee clearly knows the history, charm, and geology of Texas. He takes that knowledge and undoubtedly hours of research weaving a story that captivated my imagination. The character development is exceptionally good. He models very different characters with varied backgrounds, fears, and dispositions, which allows for some interesting interactions. In placing them into difficult situations, he tests the best and worst in each of them. I look forward to reading about these characters in the next adventure. I hope I never have to face these kinds of challenges. A must read if you like being on the edge of your seat.


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"Ernie Lee has created word images so vivid that it is almost like watching a movie." Michelle Buffham, March 2, 2016 on The Book Patch.
"Looking for a fracking good novel for a little night reading? Pick up "Aquasaurus" and start to read it with your seatbelt firmly fastened. It is an amazing read with spectacular action, super clever science and history come to life." Billy Wall, March 3, 2016 on The Book Patch.
"From front cover to back cover, very captivating... M. Lee managed to have me wanting more every time I turned a page." Nancy Forsley, March 3, 2016 on The Book Patch.
"Ernie Lee has crafter a genuine "page turner" of a novel that leaves the reader asking for more at the end of each chapter."  
Sandra G. Young, March 4, 2016 on The Book Patch. 
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